Chinese Zodiac rooster Fortune & Personality – Chinese New Year

The chinese zodiac has long been an important component in Chinese culture. In addition to being a calendar system that dates back hundreds of years, it was also an important cultural indicator and was used as a guide to social relationships. Read on this artcile and be fascinated by their unique culture

The Chinese zodiac and it’s History

The Chinese zodiac can be traced back to the time of Confucius, who developed the concept that the twelve animals are representative of the forces of heaven and earth, as well as the five elements which were related to human life. The animals were associated with the elements by meaning that a lion, for example, was linked to wind, a dragon to fire, a horse to water and a pig to earth. Throughout the centuries the idea of a fixed pattern evolved, and it is today thought that the Chinese zodiac system is the oldest in the world.

The Chinese zodiac system is based on the 12-month lunar calendar, which assigns each animal a sign that represents its characteristics of the year. The 12-year cycle has been an approximate approximation to the moon’s orbit, so that the celestial body also influences the cycles of the moon during the year.

There is also a variation to the Chinese zodiac. In China, the moon and stars have a slightly different influence on the patterns, but their main differences are similar to what occurs in the western hemisphere.

Reading The Chinese Zodiac

To be able to read the Chinese zodiac one needs to know three different sets of symbols. One of these is the animal, followed by the earth sign, then the air sign, and finally the water sign. Many traditional Chinese astrologers and practitioners of the Chinese zodiac believe that there is no need for any particular astrological sign if the person using it is not having difficulties. However, some experts do recommend that an astrological reading should be taken if a family member or friend is having problems in relationships. This way the person can gain insight into the signs that may be affecting their loved ones and allow them to take more positive steps to help them cope.

Personality and traits

Roosters take their work seriously. They are firm when making decisions and are very straightforward. They have strong opinions and are not afraid to voice them out. Also called year of the rooster in Chinese Zodiac. 

Roosters wish for large families as they seek refuge in them. The bigger their families are, the more people they can count on to encourage and support them.

They also never back down from challenges. When something or someone hinders their growth, they are not afraid to show their ferocity. Once they lose their temper, they are most likely going to get into arguments and use different methods to convince others into their side.

Earth 1969, 2029 These Roosters are highly energetic and love socializing. Others find them easy to trust and this translates well into their career paths. However, they must remember to remain humble.
Metal 1921, 1981 These Roosters are persistent and already have their lives panned out. Although they are smart and quite popular, they sometimes have difficulty connecting with co-workers.
Water 1933, 1993 These Roosters instinctive and get easily attracted to beautiful things. They work well with others and often receive encouragement and understanding from their superiors.
Wood 1945, 2005 These Roosters are highly emotional and crave affection. They rely too much on others and should learn to become more independent. Nevertheless, they are wealthy and rarely experience financial losses.
Fire 1957, 2017 These Roosters are trustworthy and have excellent time management skills. Finishing tasks in a timely manner is what makes them happy. They may have rough relationships early on but things settle down in the middle stages of their lives.

Men born in the year of the Rooster carefully consider every possible aspect before having a decision. They also handle their finances well and make sure everything follows the budget. These men are also helpful but are quite moody. Learning to control their behavior should be one of their concerns.

Women born in the year of the Rooster may seem plain but they are caring and down to Earth. They hate seeing others commit mistakes and are always willing to help anyone. These women are confident but tend to crave for a position of high power. They also hate taking orders from others.

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