young’s first album ‘wombanifesto,’ released summer 2010, is a celebration of the fierce, the fearless, and the feminist in all of us. the lp boasts a rebellious collection of sixteen cross-genre dubtryp tracks, soaked in her gritty awe-inspiring delivery; featuring musicians from havana,  montreal, and toronto as well as the genius works of cuban producer pablo herrera and armenian- egyptian producer haig vartzbedian.

wombanifest lp

1.ase elegua

2.children of a lesser god


4.ase yemaya (feat. nehanda abiodun)

5.ain’t i a oomaan (live)

6.gendah bendah

7.ase ochun

8.yemoya moon phoenix (feat. alfredo)

9.amerikkkan dreaming (feat. anonimo consejo)

10.sailor johnny (live)

11.la luna (feat. jo watson)

12.r/evolution is love (feat. assata shakur)

13.animal farm (live)

14.gawdess in me


16.black oomaan satta (live)

reviews of wombanifesto 

political media review

canadian review of literature in performance

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