d’bi’s new album 333 released 2011, is a cross-continental collaboration with tanzanian producer jakofire pro and south african producers mandiemafu and baski njovu. the lp is a love letter to all dancehall queens, queers, and questioners of the status quo; honouring the 12 inch record’s 33 1/3 revolutions per minute (rpms) through radical musical anarchy. the 12 poems and 2 interludes, range in topics from self-love, colonization and sex to mother-love, celebrating black youth and the aids epidemic. a courageous celebration of life and love, 333 is d’bi’s best dubpoetry to date.

d’bi. is currently on a 15 month tour invigorating audiences globally with her message of social transformation through personal revolution.

333 lp

1.intro moon & phoenix



4.begging is a ting


6.bible and gun

7.cry cry baby

8.young black

9.dear mama (featuring mandiemafu)

10.gendah bendah (remix)

11.cyber connection


13.rivers of love

14.dis is a warning

15.once upon a time today

16.outro by moon & phoenix

review of 333


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