d’bi. covers

photo by che kothariinterview (cover story). sway: jamaica 50 summer 2012. shannon t. boodram (celebrated artist d’bi young shows her love of jamaica through her creative expression: interview.

interview (cover story). aesthetics now magazine vol 7. december 2010. aesthetics now (d’bi.young): 54-60.

alt theatre cover

interview (cover story). alt theatre magazine vol 8 no.1 september 210. holly luhning (accountability, integrity, and ‘benu': an interview with d’bi.young): 10-17.

interview (cover story). sway: power issue spring 2008. simona said (power to the people: revolutionaries): 42 interview.

shameless magazine no. 8. pike wright (one-womban revolushun): 24-27.

interview. obsidian lll: literature in the african diaspora vol 5 no. 2. karen flynn & evelyn marrast (dubbin revolushun: interview with d’bi.young): 35-58.

interview (cover story). horizons: women’s news and feminist views vol. 18 no. 3. sheila nopper (word warriors spark revolushun): 16-18, 45.

interview. impure reinventing the word: the theory, practice, and oral history of spoken word in montreal. eds victoria stanton and vincent tinguely. montreal: conundrum press, 2001.

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