2013 the sankofa trilogy dvd set featuring the monodramas blood.claat, benu and word! sound! powah! (forthcoming) $30

dbi sankofa trilogy

SHEMURENGA BOOK ONE black supah shero comic pdf $9.99 | collector’s item comic $21

SHEMURENGA black supah shero comic

new album 333 | digital album $9.99 | physical album $13.33

2013 sankofa book & dvd set published by playwrights canada press (forthcoming) $45

2010 wombanifesto digital album $7 | physical album $ 12

2007 rivers and other blackness between us (poetry collection) $20

2006 art on black (poetry collection) $20

2006 blood.claat: one oomaan story (biomyth monodrama play) $25


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