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in honour of the significant contributions that jamaican-canadians have made to toronto, and this country, cbc commissioned producer bobby brown singh to create a documentary: two worlds, one love. this special presentation made its cbc television debut on august 6th, 2012; the actual anniversary date of jamaica’s independence.

Black Womyn Griots: helen yohannes and d’bi young speak

experimental animated short based on the book by dennis lee featuring d’bi.young, leonard cohen, michael ondaatje, margaret atwood, and karen solie. a conjurer deals an extinction deck in an apocalyptic suite that mixes live action and animation, poetry and music, calligraphy and dna. writer/director: brian johnson

a short film by kaveh nebatian featuring d’bi.young. it is a sunday afternoon in the universe. when a mysterious musical force causes scorching heat, tornadoes, and raging fires to devastate our planet, four very different people await the impending disaster at a local corner store. a film about the human ties that bind us when catastrophe is imminent.winner: honourable mention (columbus film festival)

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