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‘I opened a new school in toronto for artists because I want to learn from artists’ – d’bi.




d'bi visioning



‘I follow a cyclical–reciprocal model of teach and learn, mentor and be mentored, using art as a medium of self-interrogation and expression while mirroring the society around me. I believe that artists are responsible for honouring the sacred in our present-day societies. people, our livelihoods, our planet, our cosmos, and beyond are sacred. I feel that if the work we create is truly for the people then we can’t avoid asking questions about our present state of being (globally, nationally, locally, personally). no one enjoys being hurt, left out, disregarded, disrespected, used, abused, and not being celebrated. being loved, admired, celebrated, challenged, inspired, having food, a roof, and safety, helps the spirit to not only feel good, but to find its own generosity. when we look around at our world, it’s inevitable that some serious questions will be asked. the artist decides what questions, what style to ask the questions in, what characters to ask the questions through, and so forth. but undoubtedly the questions will be posed and maybe we will even uncover some answers.’ – d’bi.

the WATAH school

‘what does it mean to self-actualize? what does it mean to be a leader? are storytellers leaders? and if yes, what considerations are associated with leading? where are we leading ourselves and the world to? the meticulous investigation of these questions sits at the core of the WATAH school which the uses the sorplusi method as it’s pedagogical framework. the practitioners in the courses are invited to continually ask the questions who am I? how am I? what is my purpose? supported by the methodology through a range of meditations, regression exercises, physical, theatrical, literary, and leadership development activities, as well as other creative techniques, each practitioner is guided through a process of uncovering their empathetic eco-system of accountability and responsibility between themselves and the stories they choose to create and share. each artist meticulously excavates the principles of sorplusi, developing their own critical-analytical, self-reflective, oppression-aware perspective while simultaneously creating stories grounded in the method. this adventure of self-investigation charts the intersections of self with collective, in and through love. practitioners are guided and mentored through this process, ensuring that they share how and when they want about whichever experiences are the most relevant for them.’ – d’bi.

upcoming opportunities to study with d’bi.young anitafrika in toronto and in hawaii…

education has soul. as mentors we must inspire and encourage the practitioner to ask ‘what is the meaning of life.’

-d’bi.young anitafrika

STUDY @ the WATAH school in toronto canada

Ring of water

where we cultivate and nurture the artist as healer, the artist as leader, & the artist as keeper of the sacred,

register now for courses in poetry & monodrama grounded in the sorplusi method

SEEKING TRUTH: POETRY WORKSHOP saturdays april 12-may 17, 2014 6-9pm $700

MONODRAMA: CREATING YOUR SOLO SHOW may 24-june 28, 2014 6-9pm $700


study in hawaii @ YEMOYA int’l artist residency

juleneyemoya hawaii 2014

an int’l artist residency,using the sorplusi methodology, for the wholistic development of people

apply for a spot in the upcoming summer residency in hawaii



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“practically every serious description of the “authentic person” extant implies that such a person, by virtue of what they have become, assumes a new relation to their society and indeed, to society in general. she not only transcends herself in various ways; she also transcends her own culture.”
-abraham maslow
“Self-actualizing persons’ contact with reality is simply more direct. And along with this unfiltered, unmediated directness of their contact with reality comes also a vastly heightened ability to appreciate again and again, freshly and naively, the basic goods of life, with awe, pleasure, wonder, and even ecstasy, however stale those experiences may have become for others.”
-abraham maslow

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only two more spaces left – d’bi. teaches poetry course at the WATAH SCHOOL…toronto canada

d'bi smile by wade hudson high res
finding my poetic voice workshopusing the sorplusi method…See More

new course offering from WATAH womb arts academySEEKING-SPEAKING-HEALING TRUTH-POETRY
finding my poetic voice workshopusing the sorplusi method

facilitated by d’bi.young anitafrika


DURATION: 6 consecutive weeks (april 12 to may 17)

TIME: 2 hrs weekly class + one 1 hr private mentorship session with d’bi.

PLACE: WATAH toronto canada



our next art(is)t shaman session features the incredible vivine scarlett in conversation with chiedza pasipanodya


Vivine Scarlett in Groundings with Chiedza Pasipanodya @ The Art(is)t Shaman Sessions March 25, 2014

Vivine Scarlett is an administrator, choreographer, and instructor, whose artistic goals and aspirations are rooted in the love of dance. She is Founder and Program Director for dance Immersion, an organization that presents, produces and supports dancers and dances of the African Diaspora while providing a number of diverse programs for children and adults. As former Artistic Director and performing member of the Usafiri Dance & Drum Ensemble, Vivine created and presented works in both traditional influenced African and contemporary African dance styles.

Vivine’s contributions to the field of dance are generated from an energy that has fuelled her passion leading her on a journey for over 34 years of giving and serving through the arts. Drawn to all kinds of dance expressions and movement, Ms. Scarlett’s passion has manifested many experiences that have served Canadian artists of African descent with opportunities that have laid a foundation for continued growth and representation.

Vivine is the recipient of the 2011 Planet Africa Heritage Award received for her contributions. In 2008 she received a Chalmers Arts Fellowships to work with youth in Ghana, West Africa. Her choreographic endeavours in the theatre production of “The Adventures of a Black Girl in search of God” won her a Dora Mavor Moore award in 2002 and her work in “The Freedom of dreams: The Story of Nelson Mandela” received a Dora nomination in 2003. Ms. Scarlett is the 2005 K.M. Hunter Dance Artist award winner and has taught for numerous institutions and organizations throughout Canada. She continues her creative explorations as a freelance choreographer.

Her effort to connect international Blacks in dance to Canada has resulted in dance Immersion bringing two youth organizations to perform in Ghana West Africa in 2006 & 2007 and the hosting of the International Association of Blacks in Dance (IABD) Conference & Festival in 2007 and 2012. The hosting of this prestigious event in 2007, was the first time this conference was conducted outside of the United States of America, a historic milestone for the IABD.

the WATAH school in toronto offers a new course in MONODRAMA CREATION by d’bi.

d'bi serenity by wade hudson high res



using the sorplusi method

facilitated by d’bi.young anitafrika


DURATION: 6 consecutive weeks may 24-june 28, 2014

TIME: 3 hrs weekly with class + one 1 hr private mentorship session with d’bi.

PLACE: the WATAH school toronto canada