Month: August 2013

an open letter to the village from d’bi.

an open letter to the village from d’bi.

dear village
thank you for your presence at nanny: maroon warrior queen
thank you for co-creating space for us to dialogue
through storytelling theatre
thank you for co-creating sacred space for witnessing each other
as we grow and change and learn through pain anger and frustration
thank you for co-creating mentorship, teaching me always
where my responsibilities and accountabilities are as a storyteller and as a human being
thank you for taking your precious time to sit silently in the theatre
breathing together and unfolding all of our potential

this summerworks innersperience points me in a deeper direction
draft 2 of nanny: maroon warrior queen is birthing herself
i am happy honored and excited to be home

dreaming of a new offering of anitafrika dub theatre
and a year long artist residency for my toronto peeps
where i will share the developments of the sorplusi methodology
returning from it global travels
more to come…

love to love


only 2 sessions of ‘nanny: maroon warrior queen’ remaining!!!

d’bi.young’s new monodrama “nanny: maroon warrior queen” is a prequel to her dora award-winning play “blood.claat” ( in it, we journey deep into an unexpected encounter with the warrior queen nanny; a journey which takes us to the very core of ourselves. nanny asks us to consider, “before you go into war, you must know that you will be victorious. but before you know that you will be victorious, you must ask yourself why you are fighting in the first place. what do you hope to achieve with this war. and can war produce any real winners.”

created and performed by d’bi.young
stage manager/script coordinator: cassy walker

at the lower ossington theatre studio
100a ossington avenue (north of queen)
*regretfully, this venue is not wheelchair accessible.


friday august 16th @ 5:00 pm
saturday august 17th @ 2:30 pm

the torontoist in conversation with nanny: maroon warrior queen

nanny: maroon warrior queen review
anitafrika dub theatre
4 Stars

nanny maroon warrior queen dbi young 620x500

Thursday August 15, 7:30 p.m.
Friday August 16, 5 p.m.
Saturday August 17, 2:30 p.m.

Lower Ossington Theatre Studio (100A Ossington Avenue)

Acclaimed actor, poet, and playwright usually has a lot to say in her performances, but her latest piece, nanny: maroon warrior queen, is all about hearing from her audiences. Through the eyes of a mythical ancestral Jamaican figure named Nanny—who fled slavery and resisted Spanish and British colonization—young challenges her audience’s modern notions of captivity, fear, and duty to ancestors.

The show breaks many conventions, including the expectation that audience members are passive observers. When Nanny addresses the crowd, she actually expects an answer. Latecomers are welcomed in during the performance, albeit under Nanny’s attentive gaze. And after the performance, young stays to facilitate a discussion and feedback about Nanny and her alter-ego Efua (also played by young), a modern Jamaican woman whose enslavement is psychological rather than physical.

young admitted during the discussion that the piece is a work in progress, and that her attempts at “breaking down the theatrical space” are as scary for her as for her audience. She hopes the piece will evolve and continue in a more communal, interactive venue than the Lower Ossington Theatre. Even so, those interested in an engaging, provocative theatre experience should go see Nanny and share in her collective exploration of social justice.

(Desmond Cole)