Month: January 2013

creating for inclusion conference stars dora award-winner d’bi.young anitafrika!

warrior by che kothari

The fourth annual Inclusion Day conference, a one-day event looking at creating inclusion, will feature a host of speakers and will include a performance by dub poet and Dora Award- winning actor and playwright d’bi young.

The Creating For Inclusion conference will take place on Inclusion Day, Thursday, Jan. 31, starting at 11am, with registration at 280N York Lanes, Keele campus. Everyone is welcome to attend one or all of the sessions at this free, accessible event hosted by the Centre for Human Rights.

Poet, novelist and York Professor Priscila Uppal will deliver the lunch keynote speech at 11:30am, followed by two panel sessions and a breakout workshop with d’bi.young.

click here for event details.

today’s reflection…mama love!

mommy and i

on saturday nite I had the incredible honor of being a guest at the legendary wombens’s poetry evening ‘when sisters speak curated by my long-time friend and comrade Dwayne Morgan II

I was celebrating my mama’s birthday with her and took her to the show as a part of her birthday surprize. when I got onto stage I had a profound epiphany that surged through me like a lighting river invigorating my entire performance

I realized in a most innerwhelming and humbling energy that the womban who was sitting in the audience was the same womban who carried me in her womb for 9 months when she was a child herself

the womban who continued to be my main source of food by feeding me from her breasts

the womban who taught me how to speak, read,write and tell stories

the womban who held me close in the bathroom when I recieved my first blood and was terrified of moving into wombanhood

the same womban who has held my heart through every heart break and held my hand during the birth of my sons

the womban who I call from ocean’s away to cry through anxiety attacks

the same womban who changed careers from being a fulltime artist to being a fulltime teacher so that I would have more options

the womban who drives me to the doctor and stays with me to make sure I know that i’m loved and that I will be ok with whatever the prognosis is

this womban who knew and nurtured the storyteller in me, getting me whatever technological gadgetry to support my growth

this womban who helped me to buy my first house, my car, my computer

the womban who believed in all my dreams of telling stories even while encouraging me to become either a doctor or a model always insisting on how smart and beautiful I am

the womban who laid the foundation of dub drama theory which is the basis of my methodological work

this womban who is raising my children while I heal myself

this same womban who only days ago I told that I had met the parter of my dreams by saying ‘mom I have met the one’ and she replied ‘the one what…’ with a gentle mischievious smile of solidarity love and support


thank you mama
you are the embodiment of LOVE MOTHERHOOD & R/EVOLUTION and i pray that my actions reflect the truths you have and continue to teach me

thank you for teaching me how to love by showing me how to love

and know this mom: learning how to love you is a life-long process that excites and invigorates me infinitely



when sisters speak…

when sisters speak

after an 8 week hiatus from performing
during which time i reflected, healed and fell in love
i am flying back to toronto
to perform in my FAVORITE womben’s poetry showcase
produced by my long-time friend and comrade
Dwayne Morgan II

i would LOVE to see you family

i do love the way we are able to
love and dialogue through internet
fb stylee

but it’s not the same as seeing you
and giving you a big beautiful hug

so come out to the show tomorrow nite
and make sure to hang afterwards
so i can give you propah new year welcome!

in solidarity

today’s reflection…LOVE

refelction by wade hudson

today’s reflection…LOVE

years ago when i wrote my second collection of poetry:
rivers…and other blackness…between us
i quoted erich fromm asking the question
‘is love an art? then it requires knowledge
and effort. or is love a pleasant sensation,
which to experience is a matter of chance,
something one ‘falls into’ if one is lucky

i was asking myself that question while negotiating
the closure of one of the most passionate loverships
i had ever inner-sperienced

at the time my definition of love was full of questions
most of which i projected out of my body
and onto my lover

love danced her way around and through my
in and out of my traumas
above and under my expectations
sitting at the nucleus of this theatre in the round
was ME the principal actor

every issue that came up
was seen through the lens of
‘this is what YOU are trying to do to ME’
and ‘if YOU would only take responsibility
for YOUR actions then this would work’
and ‘I have such a CLEAR picture of what is going on here
and YOU don’t’

many years and lovers later
i feel i have grown immensely

i am realizing in an inwardly profound way
sometime between my last lover and now
that the THEORY of love and the PRACTICE of love
both demand a rigorous integrity
a relentless truth-telling
an unapologetic truth seeking…
not only of one’s lover
but principally

as a lover
i invite into my lovership
all my selves with their dynamic lenses on life
the more unfamiliar i am with these selves
or unaware of them
or ashamed of them
the more they command the stage
of my life and demand all the attention
and even fight for it

i then project them like darts into the hearts of
my lovers
when i feel threatened or insecure

if i however
familiarize myself with my different selves
become intimately aware of them
release the shame, blame and fear
associated with them
then i might be able to invite them into my lovership
and share space with them
presenting them to my lover
not as barbed wire fence to crawl through
but as equal partners in the emerging sweet love game


without a rigorous self-knowledge
i have nothing
but eventual blame and regret
to offer a lovership

i must go deep within myself
to escavate my bigotries
my challenges with generousity
my challenges with truth telling
my challenges with insecurity

i believe we fall into love and then have the choice
of how we actualize and realize it
if both lovers commit to this process of SELF-KNOWLEDGE
a river can be fed in between
bridging the gaps of misunderstandings miscommunications
and misbehaviours
a healing river of love can flow
ochun love

for you life partner
i am willing to keep going to this river
and cleansing my hands in her waters
scooping up the questions and the answers
into the palms of my hands
and drinking of this dynamism of human love
i love me and i love you :)

in loving solidarity

deep reflection…HYPOGLYCEMIA!

solitude by wade hudson

deeply reflecting…HYPOGLYCEMIA

today i had a very scary hypoglycemic episode

i have been negotiating low blood sugar
ever since i was an early teenager in kingston jamaica
and took for granted the importance of not only eating
but eating on time
and not only eating on time but eating enough

over the years particularly after having my sons
moon and phoenix and being committed to breast-feeding
(i breast-fed both of them till past 2 years old)
my low blood sugar bouts deepened within my body
and developed into hypoglycemia
but my innerstanding of my blood sugar imbalance
remained on the surface of my understanding

particularly after having phoenix
i had repeated gycemic episodes which sent me
rushing to the emergency room
having no grounding of what was going on in my body
heart palpitations, inability to concentrate,
severe anxiety and panic attacks
only to have them send me home
with a diagnosis of postpartum
nobody mentioned low blood sugar!

it was this period of growth that prompted me
to write my 2nd biomyth monodrama called ‘benu’

in ‘the sankofa trilogy’
about a young mother who has an illness
that the doctor’s cannot identify
and that eventually drives her into another universal dimension
that mostly people call post-partum depression/madness

my naturopath told me i was hypoglycemic
however for some stubborn reason
connected to a deep rooted self-loathing
anti- womban
programmed into me by white mask
suffocating my black skin
a deep rooted lack of self-care
i did not take it seriously when i was told i was hypoglycemic

i addressed the glycemic episodes only as they occurred
but did not address the deeper underlying issues
of my pancreatic/spleen/blood & liver imbalance
and the mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual
imbalance of absorbing the conditioning of
‘your black womban body DOES NOT DESERVE LOVE’
not your own love
and not anyone else’s

so the hypoglycemia continued
so much so that i stopped driving

this process of inhabiting self-love
practicing self-love
embodying self-love
is a life long journey

i turned 35 in december
the end of another 7 year cycle
where the body is completely renewed

i am on a holistic creative self-knowledge sabbatical
abstaining from vices
going deep inside
saw my doctor of chinese medicine
for some acupuncture and herbs to support my liver

then i had the scariest glycemic episode today
as a reminder…
i realized that the biggest
growth i need to do
is around not ‘what’ i eat
but when i eat (i.e how often)
and how much i eat (quantity)

and i need to learn about this imbalance i am carrying
called hypoglycemia
and i need to answer the question of
why i go for long periods without eating
and why i eat so little
(even though when i do, i eat the best foods for my body)

i finally sat down and did some solid research on hypoglycemia

self-love is holistic
self-love demands practice
self-love is healing
self-love is liberating…

in solidarity