Month: December 2012

i will live under NO BLOODCLAAT MAN GUVAMENT!!!

no bloodclaat man guvament

this is for the young indian womban who died from being gang-raped and for the rest of us who must not stand by and do nothing!

we all emerge from the womb of a womban. when do we start to hate the temple of our emergence. and hate the goddess who creates us. when do we learn to hate the blackness which grows us. when do we learn to hate ourselves, our mothers, our africa, our black womb. when do we start to hate goddess.

deeply self-loathing we are as a species. who are we. what are we. what is our purpose. on the face of this planet. in this universe. in this omniverse. i have no more absolutely no more room to hate myself. full to the brim. my cup is overflowing. angry!!!!!!! hurt!!!!!!

if you hate me, then you hate yourself and you hate your mother. and the only person who can help that illness is you!!!!! i have no more room for male gods who sanction my womban-death. without me and my black african womb there is no YOU!!! no you, no myths, no stories, no male gods to sanction my womban-death!!!!

i carry you for 9 months in my womb. then you through me off a moving bus. i nurse you through my blood and my milk then you push an iron rod in my pussy! i make love to you to heal you. then you tell me i am dirty when i am bleeding. the same blood that gave you life. how dare you. how dare you curse and rape me. how dare you.

your entire existence stinks of arrogance. i am disappointed in you son. father. lover. friend. man i am so disappointed in you. you make your god with a penis and forget the cunt that you first kissed when i was pushing you out of heaven.

you beat me. rape me. curse me. spit on me. torture me. impoverish me. what do you know of liberation. there is no liberation until my pussy is healed. until my cunt stops this blood flow of tears that you instigate over and over and over again.

i will not rest until my last breath ascends to rejoin the omniversal ONE!
i will live under NO BLOODCLAAT MAN GUVAMENT!!!!!