Month: November 2012

d’bi. headlines poetry society jamaica november 27, 2012!

On November 27, 2012, we reflect on and celebrate our year in poetry featuring dub poet d’bi.young anitafrika RSVP here.

In May of this year we featured D’bi to help celebrate our 23rd Anniversary. She represents one of the most dominant voices in Dub Poetry today, chronicling her life and inspiring others through her work. Young is the author of several books, the creator of and actress in a few one-woman plays and has produced several dub poetry albums including her latest ‘333’, released in 2011. In May she showcased an excerpt of her one-woman play ‘Word! Sound! Powah!’ which proved to be nothing short of awe-inspiring and power-filled.

This month we welcome D’bi again, as one who grew up with the Poetry Society, to help us celebrate and review our year as we ought to.

r/evolution is love: an urgent message from assata shakur

this is the 21st century and we need to redefine r/evolution. this planet needs a people’s r/evolution. a humanist r/evolution. r/evolution is not about bloodshed or about going to the mountains and fighting. we will fight if we are forced to but the fundamental goal of r/evolution must be peace.

we need a r/evolution of the mind. we need a r/evolution of the heart. we need a r/evolution of the spirit. the power of the people is stronger than any weapon. a people’s r/evolution can’t be stopped. we need to be weapons of mass construction. weapons of mass love. it’s not enough just to change the system. we need to change ourselves. we have got to make this world user friendly. user friendly.

are you ready to sacrifice to end world hunger. to sacrifice to end colonialism. to end neo-colonialism. to end racism. to end sexism.

r/evolution means the end of exploitation. r/evolution means respecting people from other cultures. r/evolution is creative.

r/evolution means treating your mate as a friend and an equal. r/evolution is sexy.

r/evolution means respecting and learning from your children. r/evolution is beautiful.

r/evolution means protecting the people. the plants. the animals. the air. the water. r/evolution means saving this planet.

r/evolution is love.
-assata shakur

listen to the song r/evolution is love by assata shakur

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PALESTINE – please forgive us! please forgive me!

PALESTINE – there is a clenched fist squeezing my heart which weeps for you. i am so sorry palestine that we the world are standing by while your children bleed. please forgive us this inhumane un-solidarity. we have not been taught properly how to love. please forgive me personally for loosing my courage when you ask me to speak on your behalf. having been bullied all my life, i learnt early how to be afraid of being outside of the party. and sometimes now i do not want to be outside of the party. so i don’t speak palestine. i don’t speak for you for fear of becoming ostracised, targeted, silenced. what is a life worth if you choose to live under the carpet of cruelty and silence. what is my life worth if i silence myself.

i am sorry palestine, please forgive me for not making the link between homophobia, racism, classism, genocide, ableism, shadeism, misogyny, selfishness, colonization, corporatization, capitalism, slavery, sweat shops, childhood sexual abuse, violence, war, murder, rape, land degradation, mining, poaching, lying, stealing, dishonesty, lack of integrity, fear, fear, fear. OPPRESSION IS OPPRESSION IS OPPRESSION!!! please forgive us!!!

i think people fighting each other, killing each other leads to more fighting and more killing. i don’t believe that bloodshed brings change but rather more bloodshed. i believe that those who are stronger need to take care of those who are less strong and i believe that we must all share. sharing is caring. i do not believe that we should use our might to oppress and subdue people, silence people. i believe we must learn from the collective horrendous choices we have made in the past and not reproduce those choices and perpetu(h)ate them onto other people. i believe we must look in the mirror and ask ourselves ‘who and what are we really’ that we can be so cruel to each other. what is happening to the palestinian people is inhumane!

i think world leaders (and everyone else) should take vipassana meditation courses, self-actualization sessions, compassion workshops, classes in how to love. nothing will change until the people who are put to lead realize that they are responsible and accountable to lead. and question what exactly that means. but maybe even before that they need to ask themselves (and we need to as well) who am i, how am i, and what is my purpose? we all want to be safe, loved, celebrated, validated. can i as a leader sanction the bloodshed of my sister and brother. we have completely forgotten as a species that this whole thing we call existence is one entity. which means that we are all a part of each other. that is very hard to actualize since we are taught to fight from a very young age.

i watch my sons and they fight. and sometimes i wonder if that comes naturally, fighting. but then i see that there is fighting all around. if they weren’t exposed to that would they still fight as much. i don’t know. but we have to actually begin to invest in each other’s well being. i don’t know how we do that when our entire global way of living (the neo-colonial way) is built on getting the maximum out of each other, out of the earth. i must believe that it begins with each individual, that actually it begins with me.

there has to be systems of healing dialogues that lead to healing actions, a complete retraining of our approach to conflict. conflict -resolution training. love training. re-condititioning of the body mind and spirit. how do we do that on a large scale. i think we have to start with the small scale and then expand out. each one teach one. and compassionately so. we have to release our greed which is tied to our insecurity as a species. we have to release our clenched fists for power which fills our insecure empty spaces inside within. we have to grow and learn and change. starting with ourselves. our leaders need to be led to drink from the river of love. i need to drink of her too.
– d’bi.young anitafrika