Month: October 2012

gotenborg reflects…

wow! there really are some warm, generous and loving people in the world. my performance last nite at the goteborgs poesifestival was received with love. i spent today speaking on a panel with the serbian poet dragana mladenovic, danish poet mette moestrup, and persian-swedish poet athen farrokhzad. the topic of discussion was poetry’s relation to political changes that are driven by, as well as visible in language. this was followed by a discussion with french poet jacques roubaud on writing with poetic contraints.

my contribution to the first panel was to encourage us the poets/storytellers to take personal responsibility for the way we shape culture and socially condition people through our works and to realize that the only way to reach collective actualization is to self-actualise as individuals. i also encouraged us to look at our own bigotries and social behaviour in order to understand the behaviour of those who abuse power. instead of continuing to create and nurture and ‘us vs them’ rhetoric, we need to look honestly at ourselves and see whether or not we cause further harm through our poetry. love sits at the centre of it all.

after the panel we went to dinner and after dinner we hung out. and i mean really hung out. i laughed until my cheeks hurt. there are some really wonderful people doing compassionate passionate work in gotenburg and i got the privilege of sharing space with some of them. and that is as much a part of the r/evolution as the philosophizing, theorizing, writing, analyzing, teaching, and storytelling. there is no r/evolution without laughing, dancing, and holding each other…

swedish radio ‘nyheter/ekot’ covers d’bi.young’s sorplusi workshop with emerging swedish poets

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(english translation of article follows)

Att lära känna sig själv är nyckeln för unga poeter

Publicerat: söndag 28 oktober kl 11:29 , Nyheter P4 Göteborg Kommentera

Isak Kempe funderar på vilka händelser i livet som har satt spår och som präglar vem han är i dag. Det var en av uppgifterna under lördagens workshop på Göteborgs Poesifestival. Foto: Malin Ulfhager/Sveriges Radio.

Hannah Norman var en av deltagarna i workshopen för unga poeter. Foto: Malin Ulfhager/Sveriges Radio

D’bi Young ledde workshopen för unga poeter under Göteborgs Poesifestival. Foto: Malin Ulfhager/Sveriges Radio

18 poeter mellan 14 och 19 år har valts ut för att medverka i en antologi som presenteras under Göteborgs Poesifestival som pågår just nu. I går fick de även chansen att utveckla sitt skrivande under en workshop där fokus låg på att hitta sig själv.

D’bi Young: “Om du inte känner dig själv, vad står du då för?”

– Hur gör man för att kunna leva fullt ut och hur ska vi utveckas och växa till våra egna, fulla potential som påverkar de människor som är runt omkring oss? Det frågar sig workshopens ledare D’bi Young, en storyteller och dub-artist med rötter från Jamaica.

Ett tjugotal unga skrivande kreatörer har samlats i ett litet, asymmetriskt svartmålat rum i Lagerhuset bakom Järntorget. De sitter i en ring på golvet alldeles tysta medan storytellern D’bi Young från Jamaica yvigt inspirerar och berättar hur man kan göra för att utvecklas i sitt konstnärliga skrivande. D’bi Young menar att kärnan till allt är att först lära känna sig själv.

– För om  du inte känner dig själv, vad står du då för? Då vet du inte heller vad du vill förmedla till din omgivning, säger D’bi Young.

En av de arton texter som har valt ut till den årliga antologin och som presenteras under poesifestivalen är Hannah Normans ” Jag vet inte hur det känns att hålla någons hjärta hårt i handen” Idag är hon här för att bli inspirerad och hittills har workshopen varit ungefär som hon hade föreställt sig.

– Ja det har den, mer intensitet än vad jag trodde, men hon är så bra så det gav mig verkligen mycket.

Vad är det D’bi Young gör som är bra?

– Hon väver in oss i vad hon pratar om, Man sitter inte bara och lyssnar, utan man är med fullt ut, förklarar Hannah Norman.

Malin Ulfhager

d’bi.young on swedish radio

english translation

18 poets from 14 to 19 years have been selected to participate in an anthology presented in Gothenburg Poetry Festival that is going on right now. Yesterday they got the chance to develop their writing in a workshop where the focus was on finding oneself.

D’bi Young: “If you do not know yourself, what you stand for then?”

- What do you do in order to live fully and how do we develop and grow our own full potential of affecting the people around us? Asks the workshop leader D’bi Young, a story teller and dub artist with roots from Jamaica.

About twenty young writers have gathered in a small, asymmetrical black painted room in the bearing housing behind the Iron Market. They sit in a circle on the floor completely silent while storyteller D’bi Young from Jamaica inspires and tells how to develop their artistic writing. D’bi Young argues that the core of everything is to first know yourself.

“Because if you do not know yourself, what do you stand for then? Then you cannot know what you want to convey to your surroundings.” says D’bi Young.

One of the eighteen poets who have been selected for the annual anthology and presented during the Poetry Festival is Hannah Norman “I do not know how it feels to hold someone’s heart tightly in my hand.” Today she’s here to get inspired and so far has been inspired by the workshop, as she had imagined.

“Yes it has more intensity than I thought, but she [D'bi Young] is so good, so it really gave me a lot.”

What does D’bi Young do that is good?

“She weaves us into what she’s talking about. It is not only listening, it is full of everything,” explains Hannah Norman.

gargoyle of goteborg…

an ocean of dreams
four walls
a marimba sits wrapped
in mudcloth
dreams of an imperfect love

lost in transference

dives into the abyss of culture
named afrikan

my heart beating
solitude gratitude breathless
i want i will i am now
questions beget answers beget
where am i again
and how do i satisfy this monster who is me

-by d’bi.

d’bi. teaches sorplusi methodology workshop to emerging poets in goteborg sweden

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today is my second day in goteborg. when i walked into the space where i was giving a sorplusi methodology workshop to some of sweden’s emerging poets, i saw a group of young people rehearsing their dancehall dance to a jamaican dancehall song with their dancehall moves. my mouth dropped. indeed our world is getting smaller and jamaican music, art and culture is EVERYWHERE!!

no airport drama…

really a first for me…
i arrived
at the airport
3 hours
my flight leaves
my heart is not racing
from racing through
security and
no-one is paging me
threatening to off load
my bags if i don’t
show up right now
at the door
no adrenaline pumping
through my veins
no contentment with myself
for having made it
in just the knick of time
no breakdowns
no meltdowns

i get to just sit here
and watch the airplanes
takeoff and land
land and takeoff
takeoff and land

remind me never to do this again :)